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Well…it is official! 2012 season SHARE season is over. Before another moment passes thank you for being a part of the FIRST year of our New ADVENTURE. Your excitement and enthusiasm fueled us and kept us going! We hope that the garden fueled YOU! I know you got the best food value for your money…it was the REAL thing…fresh-picked wholesome veggies from nutrient-rich soil–raised naturally with no harsh chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. I hope the produce was not a burden and that you were able to eat more veggies than in the past and use freezing and simple canning techniques to extend the value of the fresh nutrients.

We will spend this winter accessing our operation–failures and successes–and making plans for 2013: new memberships, Share adjustments and changes, cost of adding a Fruit Share, defining the Canner’s Share, and streamlining our operation to make it financially viable…we want to be here for the long term! 🙂

For us the job of the garden is not quite done–we still have pumpkins and squash to sell, lots of clean up in prep for the spring, and on-going education on the hoophouse (Heating 101 & Economics 201). But for NOW–a much needed week of rest and reshuffling the clutter in my house. The Farmer has sugar beets to dig and deliver, and then some healing time for his shoulders and back. (And dig as we did–we STILL have potatoes and carrots in the ground!–More on that later…next week.)

God Bless you all…And Thank you Lord for the abundance of the earth and this wonderful creation–Amen