FBI MoneyPak Ransomeware Virus

Today my computer ‘locked up’ and the message on the screen told me, in legalese, that I had violated one of three major laws. The fine was $200, paid to MoneyPak, and if not paid within 72 hours I would be prosecuted. IT IS A SCAM. I don’t know where it came from, I don’t know when it came, or how long the malicious virus was at work…but I know (or assume) that it is now gone.

As I sat in front of the screen puzzling what to do, The Farmer said, “Call the Sheriff’s Department.” Sounded logical and so I did. The man in the Sheriff’s Office knew right away what I was talking about–he had the same thing happen on his computer last week. He said he called the FBI (I’m sure he had an inside number) and they said they would never operate that way. (What a RELIEF!) I followed his directions and found a website with a solution: what worked for me was to visit http://www.malwarebytes.com, down-load the free program, run it–result: clean machine. It detected and eliminated 6 infections.

I wanted to pass this information on–We are all connected!

The Farmer’s Wife

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