We have an opportunity to secure King of the North grapes to deliver at pick-up the third week in September.

Here’s the scoop:
Mark Stiver has 2-1/2 Tons of grapes for sale. He will pick and provide us grapes for delivery with our Shares the 18th and 21st of September. You can order them through the CSA by email to Cost is $7 for 5 pounds. You may order multiple units of 5 pounds. They can be paid for at pick up. (Bring a container)

Cut off date to order is Sunday, September 16th.

FOLLOW UP NOTE ON THE AMERICAN WILD PLUMS–The plum man had 6 gallons last week and should have some more for delivery this week. We had orders for 25 pounds and I will deliver them as they come in. Cost is $2/gallon. I do not know how many gallons will be available, but we can take orders until the supply is exhausted.

The BUFFALO BERRIES will not be ripe until mid-September or October. The riper they are, the sweeter they become. I have orders for 15 gallons of Buffalo Berries. Makes great syrup and jelly.

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