CALLING ALL CANNERS–Or what do we eat in the winter?

The Yellow Wax snap beans have doubled last week’s yeild!! That means we have 80# for the Shares, 20# for the Second Street Bakery, and NOW we need volunteers for 100# more of beans. I will start if off by canning 20# this week-end. SOOOO…that leaves 20# for 4 more busy ants preparing for the onset of winter.

As this is surplus and we need to have them moved and I don’t want to can more than 20#, I will drop the price from $40 to $35.

Beans are a no fail project for the beginning canner, and fast and easy for those experienced. Pack the raw beans into canning jars, add 1 tsp. of salt, fill to within 1 3/4″ of top with hot water, and seal with canning lids. Pressure cook for 25 minutes (QTS) at 13# pressure. As beans are a low acid food they must be canned using a pressure cooker; hot water bath will not work.

BUT–You can also freeze beans: Blanche for 3 minutes, cool immediately, and pack into quart size freezer bags. Spread out inside the freeze, then the next day stack them in one corner or cluster closer together.

Enjoy all WINTER! CALL NOW TO RESERVE YOUR 20#’s–431-1219… (Well, leave a message or call tomorrow–I left my phone in town…LOL)

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