STICKY BELL PEPPERS—the stickiness on some of the bell peppers is aphid ‘juice’, the elixir of the ants, harmless and easily washed off. We thought we had it hosed off, but when I was putting some into the Shares I noted otherwise. The Farmer has sprayed them twice—my theory is that the Pyganic, which is a contact botanical insecticide (OMRI approved), makes the sticky critters implode. The Lady Bugs are present but I think their numbers are affected by the insecticide application, too. We will weather this infestation, probably sacrificing some plants, but the Bell Peppers, plants and fruit, are abundant.

WORMY CORN—it is inevitable that the corn earworms will show up sooner or later. We missed them the first planting, but they have reared their ugly heads on this second planting. Our solution is to clip the tops of the ears when we harvest them. We will tend to the third planting currently maturing; No organic insecticides will be applied to this harvest.

SQUEAKY CLEAN BROCCOLI—no aphid infestations noted…an occasional cabbage-looper which is picked off after the broccoli’s ice bath when we are bagging the shoots. No flutterbys noted in the broccoli rows. 🙂

MICE DAMAGE—our Front Garden has been ravaged by mice chewing the drip irrigation lines. We can’t repair the damage—too many spots and too extensive. We talked about flood irrigating, but there is no place to go with the waste water. The pumpkins are turning and it looks like they will ripen on their own. Pickling cucumbers are done. We will start harvesting the potatoes next week. The tomato lines do not seem to be damaged. (That’s a hallelujah!)

MINI-HEADS OF LETTUCE—you will remember that in your very first Share this season you got some luscious lettuce. The replants are coming along beautifully and you will have them before season’s end. Also, planting more radishes and purple kohlrabi.

PRAYER FOR THE FARMER—we have a horrible infestation of sunflowers in the pinto beans. The Farmer and His Son are having to walk and chop a couple of hours every day. Sunflowers interfere with the combine and get hung up in our bean cutter. Not all 150 acres are affected, but 38 acres is still a lot of walking, and chopping is hard on the shoulders. They started when the plants could be pulled, but the weeds are growing faster than the guys can travel the field.

UPDATE ON THE WATERMELON FUND-RAISER–We are piloting a fund-raiser in Ten Sleep. If this works well it will be a model for next year. KINDA EXCITING!

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