Today as The Farmer was tending to his new broccoli and cauliflower plants (which are only in the cotyledon stage of two funny leaves that don’t necessarily resemble any that will follow), and I was picking and picking and picking those hellacious green beans (AGAIN), we were reminded by the flocks of Canadian Geese flying overhead that Fall is on its way. The geese, flying in formation and honking, were close enough for us to see the stripes on their necks. I had to pause as their squadrons in turn swooped down and landed in the harvested barley fields next to our gardens. It was quite a spectacular exhibition—one I am sure will continue as they feast on the barley seeds which were kicked from the combines or knocked off the stalks in their ripeness during harvest and have since sprouted into tender grass shoots. This will be the geese’s sustenance as they make their migratory flight South for the winter.

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