“We have to move those melons!” The Farmer says…and I hear “YOU have to move those melons!”

You know the rest of the story–I posted a call for aid and assistance…And I got wonderful responses from half a dozen members…Thank you each and every one!

The Fund-Raiser Idea seems the best. BUT with a little change that is probably for the better. We will only be selling Watermelons as a Fund-Raiser. They are easier to transport and have a little longer ‘shelf life’ than the cantaloupes, and we believe we still have several hundred in the garden. They are not ripening all at the same time as the cantaloupes did–Cantaloupes may have responded to the heat differently than the Watermelons.

We will put the information together on base cost and logistics for the FUND-RAISERS, and can help with a Sale Sheet and some simple flyers. This should be ready Wednesday. Thanks Kathleen and Brenda for your enthusiasm and rapid response–

Now a little sad news: After clearing out the cooler of the cantaloupes that were going soft–we don’t keep them around or sell them if they’re not solid–we threw out over a hundred and had SIX left. The Farmer then walked the Cantaloupe beds and picked what was still good–AND he got 80. That is JUST ENOUGH for the Shares this week–so this is it guys. The cantaloupe ripened abruptly and has come to an end in the same manner.

I have to be honest: it is somewhat a relief and we can now focus on other parts of the garden and the Watermelons…but we might have a cantaloupe surprise in September if the Athenas do well in the hoophouse! They are growing and have set on enough melons for a fore-taste to carry us to CSA Season 2013!

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