Boy! Am I tired–

FARMER’s MARKET is Saturday, JULY 28th….

BTW–this post is for those people we have met along the way that are not a member of the CSA, but still interested in good, local, grown produce. The supplies for FARMER”S MARKET are limited and surplus of what the garden has produced for us and our members. So good to have a little more to go around.

AND BTW- sharemembers…we just completed the 5th Week of Harvest and the Full Share has averaged 20 pounds a week in produce! You will be HAPPY to know that you have reached the promised alottment on the SUMMER SQUASH and that the plants are starting to die back and wear out…unlike The Farmer and I, they do not revive after a night’s sleep. We will be removing the patty pans when the tomatoes are ripe and that will be the end of them for the season… 🙁 On a GOOD NOTE– Corn next week!!!! (The coons sent their scout out–we now have the electric fence functioning!)

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