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Recipes are now up to 34 with new ones for EGGPLANT and various GRILLED VEGGIES–check them out! I made a variation of the Eggplant & Goat Cheese Sandwiches last night–not bad at all. I used Feta in mine and jack cheese in The Farmer’s–he’s more of a meat and potatoes man…the eggplant was soft and succulent!

Also, 2 new stories under FARM TALES about some of our past culinary experiences, and a retelling of TATTERED TALES from the blog this Spring.

See the Friday pick-ups tomorrow! 4 PM to 7PM–set your cell phone alarm if you think you might forget… 🙂

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  1. Posted by Lisa Ruffing on July 29, 2012 at 7:23 am

    Just want to thank you again for sharing recipes! I made the Squash Casserole tonight with the Patty Pan’s, Yellow Squash, and Zucchini, and boy – was it delish!! Can’t wait to try more of the yummy suggestions you have posted! Thanks again for some wonderful produce!

    • This casserole is a standard with us–When summer squash time is upon us (which is most of the summer), I routinely pick up ‘Stove Top’ stuffing spin-offs (much cheaper and work as well) and cream of chicken soup at the grocery store to have on hand. It is a fast casserole to assemble and takes only 20 minutes to cook. I double mine, but not the butter in the ‘crust’, to serve a larger family.

      I am thrilled to know that people are using the recipes! We are putting out a lot of veggies each week; They are versatile, but we have a learning curve finding their multiple uses! Zucchini is one of the most adaptable. Additionally, Dr. Bieler in his book Food is Your Best Medicine, considers zucchini to be one of the best ‘healers’–according to him, the balance of salt to water in a zucchini is the same as the balance of sodium and water in our blood. He even has a recipe for zucchini soup with mushrooms that is his answer to a lot of his patience ills.

      Thanks for sharing, Lisa!

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