Broccoli—they say the flavor is better when the weather is cooler. But with the new varieties and intuitive farmers, like mine, it may be possible to raise broccoli all season. (We’re banking on that!)

A week ago I was trying to convince The Farmer to pull up all the plants and work the bed for a different crop. “Those dollar size heads are not supposed to be YELLOW! It has BOLTED—what cool weather plant can withstand this 100+ degree heat! The book said…there is nothing, NOTHING, you can do once it has bolted!” He listened, pondered, said some quiet words about not being familiar with this variety and I heard, “Let’s wait.”

Score one for the farmer! Last week we had more broccoli than I anticipated, and it seemed against all odds. Also…the cauliflower, which is supposed to be more heat sensitive, looked stellar. I consider both to be gifts from God…and The Farmer, His servant. Looks like the Gypsy variety will be ready this week— the flavor should hold. The Olympia is not far behind. We have 240 plants of Gypsy (good side growth potential) and 180 plants of Olympia. My guess is that Olympia is the variety used by the big farmers who supply packers and the grocery stores.

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