First Full Week of Harvest Complete

Whew! We made it and so did you–it was rather hectic for us with three FULL mornings of harvest, and two late afternoon to early evening Share pick-ups on Tuesday and Friday. We had no idea how much time it would consume–especially me, or I would not have promised recipes and stories to be posted Monday evening. As you may have noticed, I did not make it–the Monday deadline…But, (dare I make another promise?) I’ll work on them this week-end, after Saturday morning at the Farmer’s Market…

We ended up with nearly 300 summer squash and 250 cucumbers as surplus after the Friday harvest. The Farmer and I decided that if we loaded all the members up with 6 patty pans and 10 zucchini and yellow squash for every week this season we would have a rebellion…or a murder. We chose not to drive anyone to insanity…so Elizabeth and I will be sitting at the Farmer’s Market Saturday morning. We will also have some radishes and bunches of mature spinach for sale reasonably priced. Feel free to visit us! (I’ll be working on my recipes and food stories…:))

The Farmer’s Wife

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