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Two new pickle recipes have been posted on the RECIPES page: A Basic Dill and a great contribution from Bernie Robertson for Cinnamon Sweet Pickle Rings. YUMMY!

(I still have pickling cucumbers For Sale–15 pounds will make about 15 quarts and cost you $13.50…)

For the cabbage we have an easy-to-follow with lots-of-options CABBAGE BURGER RECIPE, and a no fail COLE SLAW with cabbage, sweet peppers, cucumbers, green onions, and carrot–all from your SHARE. (Not a milk based dressing but Miracle Whip or Mayo and vinegar, sugar, and celery seeds)

Don’t let the Veggies build up in your fridge–they will be the most nutritious consumed!
See you Tuesday or Friday– 🙂

THIS WEEK’S SHARE–First Week in August

This week’s anticipated share:

New Items–
CORN! (We hope we have enough to start this week!)
SWEET PEPPERS, hopefully including some BELLS

Old Standards–

Not so Old Standards–New last week–
TURNIPS–Hakurei (white salad turnip–sweet and fruity flavor with a crisp and tender texture)

A Little Old and a Little New–
BAG OF ROMAINE LETTUCES–Coastal Star or Neveda tender leaves & Red Baby Leaf Annapolis

Items no longer a part of the Share BUT still being OFFERED–
SUMMER SQUASH–Zucchinni, Yellow Squash, and Patty Pan
Additional CUCUMBERS

Surprise Item–something that can be made in the refrigerator in a gallon tea jug… guess what?


I have just posted a recipe for Cole Slaw on the RECIPES page.

It is thus–

2 c. cabbage- thinly sliced
1 medium carrot- grated
1/2 small bell peppers- finely chopped
2 green onions- sliced
cucumber (optional) – grated

1/2 C. mayo (we use Miracle Whip–use what you are familiar with)
1 T. vinegar
2 t. sugar (can be left out)
1/2 t. celery seed (if old it may be bitter and will make the slaw bitter)

Combine veggies, add sauce, and serve. I LIKE SIMPLE!!

This recipe will use cabbage, carrot, green onions, and cucumbers…Share items you just picked up this week.

Got zucchini piling up? Check out the RECIPES page at


Boy! Am I tired–

FARMER’s MARKET is Saturday, JULY 28th….

BTW–this post is for those people we have met along the way that are not a member of the CSA, but still interested in good, local, grown produce. The supplies for FARMER”S MARKET are limited and surplus of what the garden has produced for us and our members. So good to have a little more to go around.

AND BTW- sharemembers…we just completed the 5th Week of Harvest and the Full Share has averaged 20 pounds a week in produce! You will be HAPPY to know that you have reached the promised alottment on the SUMMER SQUASH and that the plants are starting to die back and wear out…unlike The Farmer and I, they do not revive after a night’s sleep. We will be removing the patty pans when the tomatoes are ripe and that will be the end of them for the season… 🙁 On a GOOD NOTE– Corn next week!!!! (The coons sent their scout out–we now have the electric fence functioning!)

FARMER’S MARKET – Saturday, July 27th

We will be at Farmer’s Market tomorrow morning–Pioneer Square, near the alley

ITEMS–Broccoli, Cabbage, Eggplant (in abundance), Green Beans, Lettuce- Romaine, Cucumbers, Summer Squash…including the Patty Pans, Carrots, Red Beets, and Turnips.

The CUCUMBERS AND SUMMER SQUASH are featured at 5/$1 on the cukes, and 4/$1 on the zukes and yellows

Check out Mock Apple pie, Zucchini Pie (type of quiche), and Grilled Veggies on the RECIPES page.

Harvest Week- 4th Week in July


New Items:
TURNIPS–4 or 5 to a bag TENDER & SWEET!

Old Standards:
BROCCOLI–head and 1# bag (nearing its end)
RAINBOW SWISS CHARD–only green leafy vegetable this week
SUMMER SQUASH–reduced quantity but option to add EXTRAS

Not so Old Standards:
CABBAGE– mini-head Gonzales (Have you made cole slaw, yet?)
EGGPLANT (Great as a VEGGIE Sandwich–check out RECIPE PAGE)

KOHLRABI–3-5 to a bag
BOK CHOI–6 heads
These Limited Items will be available for those that would like them–First Come, First Serve…


We need some help getting the news out in the community–we have ‘Canner’s Shares’. For this year all that means is we have planned for extra quanities to sell by the pound to those interested in canning. Later this year we will actually sell ‘Canner’s Shares’ for the 2013 Harvest Season.

Here is the information on those items available NOW for canning/freezing:

Pickling Cucumbers–1/2 Bushel (23 pounds)….$21
PICKED EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY–should be canned within 24 hours of picking.
Green Beans–20 pounds……………………$40
Broccoli–30 pounds (roughly 20 heads)……..$50
30 pounds (broccolets–not heads)…$40
AVAILABLE WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY–Easy, easy to FREEZE and enjoy in the winter.
(Blanch, cool, and place in freezer bag–SIMPLE!)

We have a sign-up list–give me a call at 431-1219 or email to THANKS!


Everyone got a head of cabbage in their share this week. FULL Share’s got a smaller head–Gonzales Variety. The Gonzales seed was originally ordered to provide a small head before the regular cabbage was mature. However, both the Farao and Gonzales matured at the same time. Next week the HALF Shares will get the Gonzales cabbage, a common variety in the European supermarkets. Gonzales is touted to be ‘dense, uniform, sweetly spicy mini-heads’–Let me know if you find this to be true. 🙂

Below is my recipe for CABBAGE BURGERS…check out the RECIPE PAGE for other cabbage recipes. (For the story about The Farmer and his ‘love of hot sauce’ check out FARM TALES)

35. Cabbage Burgers
(My Own Special Recipe–The Farmer’s Wife)

Everyone in the Big Horn Basin loves cabbage burgers, and most have their own special way of making them. My first attempt, early in my married life, was using my mother-in-law’s recipe–she had informally jotted down the ingredients, assuming I knew some of the basics about cooking. I didn’t…I mixed all the ingredients together, including the raw hamburger, rolled all in the dough, and baked them in the oven. Needless to say, it took FOREVER for them to cook, and they were greasy. The Farmer ate them with hot sauce–loads piled on, and I became a better cook over the years.

2 pounds hamburger
1 head cabbage
1 onion
optional: 1 cup grated zucchini or any other summer squash
optional: 1 cup grated carrots
optional: bacon or 5 drops of liquid smoke
Roll dough–I use frozen dinner rolls-thaw in fridge overnight

1. Cook hamburger and onion in a huge skillet or dutch oven. Salt and pepper to taste. Drain grease. Bacon would be cooked with the hamburger at this time, too.
2. Add cabbage and any other veggies. Cook until tender. Turn off burner and let the mixture cool. (Add liquid smoke.) Grease cookie sheet.
3. Roll out dough–two dinner rolls combined, then spoon about 1/2 cup of filling into the middle of the rolled out dough. Pull all the edges up, and gently shape the burger and place on the cookie sheet, seam side down. (If the dough is too thin it will tear; if it is too thick you’ll have more dough than filling when it is cooked. If the dough won’t adhere to itself, it could be that some of the filling is in the way.) Let burgers rise a bit before placing them in the oven–5 to 10 minutes, depending on the room temperature. (I’m a slow worker, so by the time I get the last one ‘tucked’ and on the tray, they have risen…)
4. Place in 350 degree oven and bake for 20 minutes or until a golden brown color. Let cool 5-10 minutes before serving. You can butter the cabbage burgers when you take them out of the oven.

When my kids were younger, I made these as veggie burgers–no meat. They’re great! You can let them cool completely, wrap in foil, and freeze to enjoy in the winter time. I freeze them individually, and then combine 5-6 in a gallon ziplock. For us, we take them out of the freezer the night before and let them thaw in the fridge. Next day they can be heated up in the microwave or reheated in the oven.


Check out

Recipes are now up to 34 with new ones for EGGPLANT and various GRILLED VEGGIES–check them out! I made a variation of the Eggplant & Goat Cheese Sandwiches last night–not bad at all. I used Feta in mine and jack cheese in The Farmer’s–he’s more of a meat and potatoes man…the eggplant was soft and succulent!

Also, 2 new stories under FARM TALES about some of our past culinary experiences, and a retelling of TATTERED TALES from the blog this Spring.

See the Friday pick-ups tomorrow! 4 PM to 7PM–set your cell phone alarm if you think you might forget… 🙂


Yesterday was the Tuesday Pick up Day and it went MUCH SMOOTHER! Now with a smooth Friday Pick up last week and a Tuesday success…we are CONTENT 🙂

Here’s some information on the produce this week:
NEW–CABBAGE AND EGGPLANT (new RECIPES and VEGGIE INFO will be posted on the website…)


“OLD FRIENDS” back to visit this week–BOK CHOI (try it in other cabbage recipes…)

I call these ‘last stand’ because this is it for this week, and next week, and maybe the season…but I just found out from The Farmer that the CAULIFLOWER has a SECOND STAND, and the second variety will come around later, so STANDBY!
Also to return will be the BEETS, but a smaller variety with a different taste, AND maybe RADISHES later in the fall.

BAG OF GREENS–mix of tender baby beet greens, baby leaf spinach, and red baby leaf romaine. Until our next crops of lettuce mature, we will try to work with these three items. Heat has been hard on the greens–

Later, The Farmer’s Content Wife