The Phenomenon of Weeds and Wisdom

As it is late and I am rummy–not cards or liquor–I will try not to wander too much in my rambling.  But, tonight, as I was finishing up paying the bills and posting payments and sending email receipts, I flashed back on this past week.  It was all about WEEDS–seriously…  Yesterday was the climax–I found myself crawling on my hands and knees for 180 feet on black plastic with neat rows of corn to my right and left.  Tightly packed around the base of each stalk, or in the empty holes with no stalks, were the healthy unwanted plants…weeds to us-purslane, lamb’s quarter, and night shade to name the greatest offenders.  Three rows away was The Farmer–he was planting MORE corn…5 beds more to be exact.  The beauty of his corn was NO WEEDS–yet…

Earlier this week, The Daughter who did not wish to weed the carrots, chose to weed the corn.  She covered one bed (just as I did yesterday) on her hands and knees (just as I did yesterday) in an hour (unlike my 2 hours).  That day it was 91 degrees outside, unlike my cool evening with light wind.

When I first told The Daughter we had to weed the corn, she looked at me in surprise.  “We don’t have to weed the corn.  The corn is taller than the weeds and the weeds won’t bother it.”  I explained that the weeds would rob the corn of nutrients–they were fighting for the nutrients right now. The corn is taller than the weeds, but the weeds will continue to grow and though they won’t choke out the corn, they will prevent the corn from being the best it can be.  She wimpered a little more and said, “I still don’t think that it is a problem…who told you we needed to weed the corn?”

“The Farmer told me,” and she got right to it.  🙂  Go FARMER!!

Well, enough for now…late…oh yeah:  OPEN HOUSE the last week in June.  If we have enough variety for your first Share, you can pick it up at the Open House.  If not, you can see the garden where YOUR produce is being raised, meet The Farmer and his humble Wife, and pick up the first Share after the 4th of July.  I’ll send more information next week.  BTW–June payments can be mailed or brought with you to the Open House.

Till then– Be Healthy, Eat Fresh–hugs and kisses, Tired Marm 🙂

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  1. Posted by Becci Kalfell on June 11, 2012 at 7:00 pm

    Dear The Farmer’s Wife,
    I appreciate all of the hard work you folks are doing to give us great produce and I love reading your updates. The Lamb’s Quarter, when picked young, is very tasty in salads or even soup. And they are very nutritious in Vitamins A & C. You could count them as one of your crops and maybe it wouldn’t be such a chore to “harvest” them. :o) Anyway, keep up the good work.

    • Yes! I have tried it before and found it just fine…however, The Farmer was not fond. I think it is all those years on the battlefront as a weed warrior. The thought did cross my mind of putting together a quart zip-lock of lamb’s quarter, purslane, and dandilion blooms–all recognized as nutritious additions to anyone’s diet when sprinkled in their salad. Did you know that Lamb’s quarter becomes Iron Weed? They are one and the same: lamb’s quarter is the weed as a tender child, and Iron Weed is nearly impossible to PULL when it is 18-24″ tall and firmly anchored in the ground. When we worked the beets, years ago, we carried a knife for the Iron Weed and Velvet Leaf. BTW–The Farmer and I tried beet greens last night–not going to be an addition to The Farmer’s diet…hmmm…a creative thought, anyone?

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