Just a quick post tonight–before we head to bed.  The Farmer, and The Son, and The Daughter, and The Farmer’s Humble Wife have transplanted the last of the plants…despite the rain and wind today.  With a real good work system and everybody doing their part, we were able to put out over 2,000 plants today before noon.  THE MECHANICAL TRANSPLANTER is a blessing–and that’s a message from the plants who were cramped in their little cells in neat little rows in the small hoophouse since the middle of April.  I thought I heard them slurping as we stuffed them into the water-filled holes left by the giant spikes on the transplanter wheel.  Not only did they have THAT water, but The Farmer had anticipated their thirst and let them drink ALL DAY from the drip lines.

While the plants were adjusting to their new ‘homes’, The Farmer and The Son were foiling the antelope.  It was a six hour project, but the fence is around the North garden.  Last night the antelope sampled five tomato plants before they decided to eat one…BUT NO MORE!

Sweet Dreams you all–The Farmer’s Tired Wife

As we turn in for the night–All is WELL with the CSA.

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  1. Busy, busy time of year for The Farmers Wife and family.

  2. Posted by Deloris on May 24, 2012 at 5:41 pm

    Sounds like you all are very very busy but very much in control.

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