May is HERE

What to say?  We are crazy busy!  The weather continues to present challenges, as it does every Spring.  Last year it was the rain–this year…the wind and LACK of rain.

We did not get as much planting done this week as we had hoped for…No, we did not get as much planting done this week as I HAD HOPED for.  There is a difference, you know…I am the optimistic go-for-it person who spends way too much time calculating the possibilities and where-to’s, and The Farmer is the one who probably has one foot firmly planted in the real world…the world of ‘we will get it done when we get it done’ and I add ‘not a moment later or a second earlier.’  But even that view is not without fraught–specifically:  digging a settling pond and plumbing the 3.5 hp pump into the main line for the drip irrigation system.  The Farmer assessed the job and figured one daythree days later they finally had it ready to run.  We are still ‘testing’ the earth-bermed pond for leaks and holding power.  (And The Farmer has informed me the pump is too big to run for  three puny lines…out of 140…what non-sense is that, I snort!  But once again…repeat with me…’we will get it done when we get it done’ and I again add, ‘and not a moment later or a second earlier’…which optimistically–or realistically–translates into ‘we better get those other beds planted, so we can turn on the water for the three puny lines.’  Hmmmm…Whose foot is planted in the real world–??)

Do you know how small carrot seeds are?  Do you know what happens to plastic when it is slit and the wind whistles down the canal and across the garden at 14 mph?  We do!  And for that reason today we ripped the plastic off the three beds in the smallest garden spot (B1-B16–B for Backyard and 1-16 for bed numbers), before we planted beets, spinach, and lettuce.  After ripping the plastic mulch off, I promised The Farmer that I would be the weed gestapo!  The Farmer sighed…but he really should have been jumping up and down in glee!  The challenge is going to be keeping The Farmer out of my plot–he is attracted to weeds in a warrior way, if you know what I mean…

Well, that’s all for today.  A reminder that May payments will need to be mailed again this month.  Oh yeah…A SHARES REPORT:  We are content.  As of today, we have 53 sold shares and I am optimistic we will get the final 5 applications on Monday.  That is 58 mixed shares–an equivalency to 38 Full Shares.  In the real world that translates to 76 ‘baskets’ to fill each week with the garden’s bounty.  We are content…. 🙂

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