PROGRESS REPORT:  Potatoes and garlic are in the ground!  (Potatoes are a new addition to your share!)

Most of the plastic mulch is down–101 five-foot beds from 24 feet long to a whopping 180 feet!  Laying the hoop’s mulch beds is next week’s project–small hoop is still housing the new baby plants and large hoop’s ground work isn’t a priority until the North garden can be watered!

The Farmer is ‘chasing’ water–yesterday the Farmer and sons laid out all the gated pipe in the 39 acre beet field, and the Farmer and one son chased water in the afternoon.  That means they ‘herded’ it from the head-gate at the canal, through the ditches, to the gated pipe–not as easy as it sounds.  It’s a lot of fishing ‘trash’ out and cleaning wire grates, checking them every 20 minutes..and the water moves slower that first journey as it soaks up the dusty sides of the dirt ditches.  (Trash is not trash like what we take out each day, but generally field trash left from the previous season–For us it was last year’s corn stubble.)

Tomorrow the Farmer will work on digging the settling pond and hooking up the new pump and irrigation connections.  The drip lines were automatically laid with the plastic.  That, and the beet needs and bean ground preparation–

Next week I hope to report that we have planted spinach, snap peas, swiss chard, carrots, lettuce, beets, bok choi, and kohlrabi. I hope to report that Elizabeth and I survived the transplanter machine and were able to get all 1,308 broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflowers plants safely bedded.  I hope to report that the onion plants are now safely parked in N14…that’s our new code for North Garden, bed 14.

For now…the night calls…it is snooze time!   bzzzz… Oh! BTW…we have 47 Full Fledged Members and 10 in the wings.  With the sale of Half Shares we have not quite reached the 50 Shares equivalency…but we are close.  🙂    Sleep well….

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