Sunday was the official close of the Membership Drive–But fret not my friends!  We still may have some CSA SHARES available…

Here’s how it shakes out:  39 Full Fledged Members, 8 ‘the apps in the mail’ (and they are sincere), and 3 ‘missing in action’…that makes the magical 50 SHARES we were looking for!  However, if any of the fledglings (not full fledged members yet) falter, we will have 10 openings.  (Come on little fledglings–let me coach you in…)  

If you are still interested, don’t wait–once the SHARES are sold, we will close the Membership–the garden space is finite.  Request an application by email or call me at 431-1219.  

If you are getting this blog and have a friend who you think might be interested–pass the information on. 


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