April 15th is RAPIDLY approaching–

Good and WONDERFUL news–for us and our Members:  the money paid thus far has covered the cost of the seeds!  (and the flyers and Word Press cost)  That is always a good feeling as a business…well, as an individual, too.  We are planning on wrapping up the membership drive this Sunday.  If you have requested an application, but just realized in the press of everyday life and momentary chaos, that it is still on the corner of your desk…or in your email box…or stuffed in the envelope in your purse…I understand.  Send me an email (tcraft@rtconnect.net), or call or text     (431-1219), and let me know that you are still in!  I’ll save a spot for you–

Now, a report on the farm:  Farmer has ripped and tilled the garden spot and it is so soft and light…I had to retrieve a plastic flower pot that blew into it in the middle of the night.  (48 mph here!–Hoophouses survived!)  I wanted to slip my sandals off , but I could feel that the dirt wasn’t warm enough yet.  Not warm enough for all the seeds, but just right for the cold weather crops…spinach, snap peas, and broccoli to name a few.

The garlic arrived yesterday….no…now it has been three days ago…lost track of time with the everyday chaos this week.  Garlic is SPROUTING…  This is a new crop for us…but my guess is it is ready for the ground.  The bulbs look healthy and smell so…so…garlicky!

The Farmer has been burning the candle at both ends–typical of this time of year…ground prep, flat tires, more ground prep, another flat tire, and then planting….which is usually completed just in time to take a couple of day’s breath before irrigating starts.   The beauty of the garden is the drip irrigation–no shoveling or making 120 cuts to match the gates to the corrigates.  This year we will plant the beets, some garden, then some more garden, then the pinto beans.  We chose beets and beans this year as our farm crops because it worked well with the timing of planting with the garden.

Well…that’s all FOLKS!  Will post Monday what the final count on the shares sold is…the Farmer’s wife, terri

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