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We have eighteen applications still out.  Remember–you don’t need to send the full amount; a down-payment is sufficient to reserve your share.  Originally we had determined to sell 50 shares.  Then people seemed concerned that 20# a week was TOO much, so we developed our Half Shares.  We are selling a lot of Half Shares!…so now we need to sell more shares to meet the goals we have set for this year!  (and cover the cost of the seed we have purchased, and the plastic mulch and drip line…)  Whew–who’d have thunk it would be so complicated??

First year jitters aside, we could use some help getting the information out…if you have some leads, or ideas of interested persons, pass them on to me.  Feel free to share a copy of your application.  🙂  We’d like to wrap up the membership drive by April 15th to focus on garden preparation.

I don’t know about you, but I am getting excited about this healthy option–Our CSA Adventure!  I do wish the wind would mellow–the Farmer is not working the ground…he says he doesn’t want to loose that precious top-soil.  To have healthy food you need healthy plants.  To have healthy people, you need healthy food–and the best food is that grown in healthy vital and alive soil.  Our goal is to help bolster the plant’s vitality and health naturally; and ours in the process.

That’s all for tonight, folks.  Thanks for the warm thoughts and support!   terri

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