It is hard to believe that a week has gone by since we formally launched the membership drive.  The reponse has been great and we have sent out applications to nearly 20 people, and that just from the Blog, and email, and a little bit of word of mouth.  My five-year-old grand-daughter, Ayla, will be here next week to help me sell shares!  I pick-up the hand-outs tomorrow (thanks Rene and Michele) and the business cards are slated for delivery by UPS on Friday.  With those in hand, I think Ayla and I can get the WORD OUT to those who don’t know yet…

On the farm front…ground is ready to be worked, but the farmer suffered a broken axle yesterday in the field.  His tractor broke an axle, not himself– though he does have a fat lip where a feisty chain snapped back and hit him in the mouth…  🙁

The next posting is going to be the story of the hoophouse–its trials and tribulations since last October and the new birth that it will experience this Spring…as soon as its new cover arrives and we can find a day with NO WIND.

Well, Happy FIRST DAY of Spring!!  More great days to come, full of sunshine and the rays that warm–  CHEERS

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